The Christmas Sandwich Rankings and the Big Announcement

Well, that’s it for another year. 15 sandwiches eaten and looking back, I’ve gone from a man trapped in his flat at his wit’s end and eating the same sandwiches as he does every December to a man rejuvenated by exciting new sandwiches and living his best life (to the extent a man reviewing sandwiches can). And surely that’s what Christmas is all about – hope and renewal. And spending your fucking money before we are all locked down again immediately because Boris didn’t want to lose even more votes by cancelling Christmas again.

And so, let us get to the annual if-I-can-be-bothered-to-do-them Christmas Sandwich Rankings.

  1. Ultimate Turkey Dinner by Asda
  2. A Toastie to be Thankful for by Starbucks
  3. Turkey Feast by Boots
  4. Turkey Feast by M&S
  5. Festive Footlong by Aldi
  6. Turkey & Trimmings by Tesco
  7. Turkey Feast with Cranberry Sauce by Lidl
  8. Turkey, Stuffing and Bacon by Waitrose
  9. Turkey Feast by Costa
  10. Pigs Under Blankets by Sainsbury’s
  11. Turkey Substack by Subway
  12. Boxing Day Turkey Curry by Morrisons
  13. Turkey Feast by Poundland
  14. Pret’s Christmas Lunch by Pret
  15. Brie & Cranberry by Co-op

Starbucks would’ve had the top spot but I’m still miffed about this idea of it being a Thanksgiving sandwich. Genuinely quite annoying. But good to see Boots up there again. Who would’ve thought they would be so consistently strong?

Right then, onto this announcement. There are two things I do online that are mildly popular to the point that a handful of people ask after them. One is obviously this infernal sandwich blog. The other is a World Cup or Euros prediction competition where I dish out cheap amusing trophy to the winner. And next year, thanks to the brazen greed and corruption at FIFA forcing a winter World Cup, these two things will be happening at the same time. The predictions competition has gone by many names over the years:

  • The World Cup Predict-o-tron
  • Das Ist Mega Euros
  • In Soviet Russia World Cup Predicts You
  • The Brexit Super League 2020(+1)

But next year it will be known as…

Yes, you can win a trophy. Yes, this blog has been happening on and off for 10 years. Yes, I will be combining sandwich reviews with the World Cup predictions. No, I haven’t worked out how I will be doing this but I have 10 months to figure that out.

Have a good Christmas or whatever you are doing, stay safe and see you next year.

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