REVIEW: Pigs Under Blankets by Sainsbury’s

Well let’s get this out of the way straight away – there’s no video today. Why? Well it’s a long story and perfect for beefing up the word count on a blog that’s run out of ideas. So……

We had a man coming round to service our boiler this morning and he was coming ‘from 8am’. So my plan was to get up, have a shower and go for a walk to Sainsbury’s and film my stupid face while he looks at the boiler. But he turned up at 7.45 and I was still in bed just about to get up and have that shower. So I hid in bed because the missus was already up and dealing with it and I got another hour of dicking about on my phone. Then I planned to go at lunchtime but ended up busy with work again and so didn’t have time to dick about making a video and the missus was going to Sainsbury’s anyway so she was nominated to get a sandwich again. I’m not sure why I’ve been busy with work in December when I haven’t been that busy for the 11 months prior, but I’ll chalk it up to sod’s law. So there you go, it’s back to the boring written word today. There go all of generation z followers.

The missus selected a Pigs Under Blankets sandwich for me today because she thought I’d be bored of turkey. Well I am, but that’s not the point! I think I’m supposed to be driven mad by the endless mundane cycle of life in 2021 and reviewing the same sandwiches yet again is another of God’s cruel tests, but if I’m not going out to get the sandwich myself I can’t really argue, can I? Or can I? No, I can’t. I did specify no meal deal today though. Eating one of these sandwiches every day is difficult enough for a man watching his weight so I can’t eat hula hoops everyday. Well obviously I could, that’s why I’m watching my weight, but I shouldn’t.

British Cumberland sausages, maple cured smoked bacon, cranberry chutney and mayonnaise on malted bread.

I thought I had this sandwich last year, but it turns out that was Turkey with Pigs Under Blankets which was exactly the same except it had turkey in it. I complained that it just tasted like a sausage and bacon sandwich and this year that is exactly what I have except for one new difference – the overpowering taste of the mayonnaise. There is so much in it! I couldn’t taste the cranberry last year because it was spread one nanometre thick but this year I can only taste mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise. I’m Johnny-fucking-mayonnaise. But I’m afraid it’s too much for me.

So there you have. If you like enough mayonnaise to make you sick, go for this.


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