REVIEW: Ultimate Turkey Dinner by Asda

I had to be out of the house for an hour today for reasons you don’t need to know about, so I tramped on over to Asda in Mitcham – possibly the furthest supermarket/sandwich provider within walking distance for me and boy am I glad I did. First, I found these pants.

Second, I found the Ultimate Turkey Dinner.

Carrots? Parsnips? Gravy? Turkey thigh as well as breast? Ready to eat hot or cold? Microwaveable? This has so much potential to be an all timer. I can only assume that the Head of Christmas Sandwiches at Asda has been reading the blog and noticed I am in the depths of despair, eating the same old sandwiches year after year and slowly going mad. Please be good, please be good…

Flour dusted roll with cooked turkey breast and thigh, cranberry, chicken and turkey gravy, pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry chutney and roast carrots and parsnips

Of course I heated it up! I took my first bite and… I found the carrots and parsnips a bit weird, but I think that’s because I am so used to eating the same thing every December, day after day, year after year. So it wasn’t love at first bite (I don’t think I’ve said that on here before!) but it definitely grew on me. I can bore you death about why chicken thigh is better than chicken breasts and my views are the same on turkey – more flavour, more texture, just better. It’s really nice to have something served hot, it’s got all the flavours I want plus the sweet carrots and parsnips are are almost acting like coleslaw. If I have one gripe – just one – it’s have the gravy has made the filling a bit soggy, but not the bun and it is nice to have warm gravy in a sandwich, we don’t go it enough in England. I think we have a front runner this year, by quite a distance. Oh Head of Christmas Sandwiches at Asda, I could kiss you.

After two days of finding exciting new things, eating some bland turkey feast sandwich tomorrow is really going to be a downer.

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