The Christmas Sandwich Awards 2021

Well we’re coming to the end of another Christmas Sandwich Review season, which means it’s time for the Christmas Sandwich Review Blog Awards. We need a better snappy name for them, like the Oscars or the Slammies (wrestling equivalent of Oscars). Can you think of a good sandwich related awards nickname? Please, hit me with some ideas and then we can have a vote. Don’t be hilarious and suggest Sandwich McSandwich Face.

I may have set a record by reviewing 15 sandwiches this year, but instead of dishing awards out to all of the sandwiches so no one gets upset like you have to with people born after 1990, we’re having actually categories. Right then, shall we crack on?

If you look closely you will see where I stole this image from.


  1. REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Poundland
  2. REVIEW: Turkey, Stuffing and Bacon by Waitrose
  3. REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Costa

This is not a good award. Despite the Waitrose sandwich having only one dry half, I cannot in good conscious place it below Costa as I was very hungover and there is a good chance that was contributing to the dryness.


  1. REVIEW: A Toastie to be Thankful for by Starbucks
  2. REVIEW: Turkey Substack by Subway
  3. n/a

It has come to my attention that the Starbucks sandwich is potentially a Thanksgiving sandwich and Starbucks have just flogged it over here as a Christmas sandwich. Another lazy marketing import that we don’t need, like Black Friday. Which is a shame as it was great. I still haven’t worked out if the Subway sandwich was a Christmas sandwich or not.


  1. REVIEW: Ultimate Turkey Dinner by Asda
  2. REVIEW: Festive Footlong by Aldi
  3. REVIEW: Boxing Day Turkey Curry by Morrisons

The Asda and Aldi sandwiches were great but they are not the standard turkey sandwiches I set out to review all those years ago. You’ll see how they compared with the now traditional turkey feast sandwiches in the full rankings tomorrow. Morrisons gets a cheeky bronze due to Starbucks’ disqualification from this category.


  1. REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Boots
  2. REVIEW: Turkey Feast by M&S
  3. REVIEW: Turkey & Trimmings by Tesco

Not necessarily the best sandwiches this year, but the best of your traditional turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce as a base sandwiches. Yes I know the Tesco one isn’t called Turkey Feast.

I used to like doing a Best Name award, but this year everything is so literal except the Starbucks name which was awful before I suspected it was a Thanksgiving sandwich.

TOMORROW: The final rankings and that big announcement I keep teasing and hope you are mildly curious about.

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