REVIEW: Boxing Day Turkey Curry by Morrisons

Hello dear readers. It’s Friday and today I got up and went to get a sandwich before work! Why, you ask? A few reasons.

  1. My missus has been banging on at me to make my famous carrot and onion soup with a sandwich for lunch this week, so I had to go get some things for that because there isn’t time to fuck around making soup and go out to get a sandwich when I should be doing some work
  2. There is evidence to suggest that getting 30 minutes of light outside within 2 hours of waking up boosts your mood, helps you sleep and reduces the risk of heart disease

I bet you weren’t expecting well-being advice on the Christmas Sandwich Review Blog! Or for someone to really like carrot soup so much that they won’t fucking shut up about it. So anyway, rather than go into Tooting again, I tramped on into Mitcham to go to Morrisons because we haven’t done Morrisons yet.

Once I got back from Morrisons, I started to get adverts for Morrisons on my social media. Until I started writing this at lunchtime, I have never typed Morrisons in on the internet. You all think I’m crazy when I say Facebook is always tracking what you say and where you go, even if you tell it not to, but this is just another piece of evidence that will go up on my conspiracy wall with all the bits of string on it. Funny how the media are really trying to get Boris at the moment but there not much mention of the ongoing trial that is exposing all the powerful names in the little black book of Jeffrey Ep…no wait please don’t delete the blog, it’s all I have! I’ll be good, Hillary, I promise.

And after all this, do you know what happened? The missus’ evening plans were cancelled and now we are having soup for dinner. I could’ve had another hour in bed! Fuck the well-being!

I used to pose the photos and crop them so there wasn’t junk in the background but who cares?

Pulled turkey breast in coronation mayonnaise, pickled onions, spinach, coleslaw, coriander and crispy fried onions on a wrap.

So yes, I’ve gone for something a bit different today. They had your standard Christmas turkey sandwich, but this jumped out at me so I thought “why the hell not?” It is Friday, after all.

I might have made a mistake by putting this in the fridge when I got home, because as always with a pre-made supermarket wrap, this is padded out with a lot of wrap, so the overwhelming taste is cold wrap with a hint of curry. The crunchy coleslaw and spinach break it up nicely and the pickled onions and coronation turkey really complement each other but there is not enough filling! In fact the whole thing is pretty tiny, despite there being so much wrap. If there was more filling and it was the size of a burrito and it was hot, this would be great. But then if my aunt had bollocks, she’d be my uncle. I mustn’t wish my life away.

Overall rating: An opportunity missed. Also, I haven’t proof read today’s entry at all. Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week.

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