REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Poundland

It’s another first for the Christmas Sandwich Review Blog – a sandwich from Poundland! And how much did it cost? Yes that’s right, £2. I don’t usually think of Poundland for sandwiches, even though deep in the back of my mind I’m aware they sell sandwiches. However, on Saturday I found myself in Leatherhead at around 2.30pm in need of a Christmas sandwich, Greggs was already closed and Poundland seemed to be my only other option. I ate this sat in the car in the rain.

And this weekend I had sandwiches on both Saturday and Sunday, so I’ve front loaded the blog and you should get a review every single day this week. Unless something bad happens or I get a case of the can’t be bothereds.

Short one today, let’s crack on.

Butter basted turkey with Lincolnshire pork sausage, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, pork, onion and sage stuffing, smoke flavoured bacon and red onion on buttered malted bread.

Smoke flavoured bacon? Why couldn’t they just smoke the bacon? And it’s nice to see buttered bread listed. All these other sandwiches I’ve been reviewing don’t have butter.

But you wouldn’t think it, as the bread is as dry as arseholes – almost to the point of being stale. To contrast this dryness, and not in a good way, apart from the sausage the filling is like a mush or paste. I know I’ve said this in a review from another year – I would definitely buy a Christmas dinner paste to eat in sandwiches because I’m an animal, but when tasting like a paste is not the intention, it’s not good. And incredible combination of dry and mushy at the same time that I wouldn’t recommend.

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