REVIEW: Brie & Cranberry by Co-op

Well lucky old you, I have managed to surreptitiously, thrash out a review in the office today. It’s going to be quick though, I’m writing this in an email and sending to myself, so I don’t arouse too much suspicion. It’s nice to be in the office and not in the flat though, even if I did go to the wrong one of our two offices this morning. The meeting invite didn’t specify which office and of course I guessed the wrong one rather than just asking.

Making the most of the opportunity of being in central London, today’s sandwich is from…Co-op. What? We don’t have one near the flat and it was close to the office so shut up. Also, I always hated the way that the official branding is Co-op and not Co-Op, right up until I wrote that just now. I now realise Co-op looks much better. Nice one, brain. Or maybe it should always be CO-OP? Nope, Co-op still looks better. Right, let’s crack on.

Don’t try to read my notes.

Brie cheese with cranberry chutney, seasoned mayonnaise and spinach on fibre enriched malted bread

This Co-op looked like the shops did at the beginning of lockdown and had fuck all in it. I was lucky to the get the single Christmas themed sandwich left in the shop and they hardly had any other sandwiches either. But one thing they did have was a hot food cabinet and what did I spy in there? A Christmas themed hot sausage roll – the Pig in a Duvet. Sausage, bacon and cranberry in the flakiest pastry I’ve eaten for a long time. It went everywhere – over the desk, under the desk, in my moustache. And I’ll tell you what – I’m so glad I got that sausage roll because the sandwich was the most boring, bland cack. I get that sometimes keeping it simple is better than over complicating things, but this sandwich was as boring as one I had made myself. I don’t know what exactly it needed, it just needed a little more oomph. Maybe brie should always be slightly melted.

Right that’s another review churned out, hopefully see you tomorrow.

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