REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Boots

After two days of pretty decent sandwiches, I decided it would be a good day to go to Boots who, somewhat surprisingly, fair pretty well every December. But then the missus said she wanted me to get her a roll, and I can’t buy a roll in Boots so I went to Gregg’s, where they didn’t even have a space for Christmas sandwiches but were advertising some sort of baguette and ‘Christmas lunch soup’ on their electronic menus behind the counter but they kept cycling through adverts and other stuff too fast for me to read and the shop that was empty when I went in was filling up with loads of people, so I tried to buy a single roll, which you can’t, so I left. I went to Sainsbury’s to get a single roll, but I’ve already had their sandwich, so after that I went to Boots. Life finds a way.

Look, I don’t have much to write about, that’s the most interesting thing that’s happened in the past 24 hours. Since yesterday I’ve worked, played Xbox, watched telly, slept, then worked again.

Cooked turkey breast with cranberry chutney, mayonnaise, pork, sage and onion stuffing, smoke flavour sweetcured bacon and fired onions on malted bread.

Well, reliable old Boots the chemist has done it again and provided a good sandwich. Very smokey bacon playing off the cranberry sauce, nice stuffing, malted bread that isn’t soggy or dry. If I was sticking to the original remit of the blog when it started 9 years ago where I tried to eat the same turkey sandwich from each shop, this would easily be the winner so far but, unfortunately for Boots, Aldi and Asda have been thinking outside the box this year. Also, if I had stuck to that remit of eating exactly the same sandwiches, the past 5/6 years where every shop has given up and churns out the same Turkey Feast year on year would have driven me mad and I might have killed someone by now.

I wonder if the factory that makes the Boots sandwiches churns out some of the other sandwiches I’ve been eating and I’ve given two very different reviews of the exact same sandwich at some. I’m never going to look into this as I don’t want to ruin the magic, but I suspect that is the case.

Okay we’re done. Bye!

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