REVIEW: A Toastie to be Thankful for by Starbucks

It’s Monday! Well, it’s Saturday for me, but you’re reading this on Monday but don’t worry about the time paradox, just keep reading. On Friday night, I went for a few beers in London and it was the most empty I’ve ever seen central London on the Friday night before Christmas, it’s usually chaos! People must really be worried about covid or isolating over Christmas, but I’m full of anti-bodies and an old friend from work was over from Singapore so I went out anyway. I also went Park Run on Saturday to kickstart my running again for my week off work, but 5 pints and a kebab at nearly midnight on Friday night was not the best preparation for only my second run in a month. What an athlete.

But onto the sandwich and I’m doing something different today – I went to a coffee shop to get a sandwich and I ate in. The two nearest options in Tooting are opposite each other – Starbucks and Cafe Nero. I have no preference as I hate hot drinks, for a couple of reasons:

  1. Coffee is disgusting and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for ‘needing’ coffee to be able to function in the mornings and building a culture around something so gross
  2. I run hot and my body is always just 1 degree below sweating so it doesn’t need heating up

But I do like the flavour of tea and find ice teas of various flavours very refreshing and if I am forced to have a hot drink from a coffee shop out of politeness, such as during a job interview where it’s probably not a good idea to rant about how I don’t like hot drinks, I’ll have a chai latte. And that was the plan today – sandwich and a chai latte to get out of the flat for 15 minutes.

I ended up in Starbucks because Nero was rammed!

Shredded ham hock, turkey, cranberry sauce, a potato, leek, cabbage & sprout hash in a sourdough bloomer topped with cheesy sauce and cranberries.

Yes, it is called A Toastie to be Thankful for. Horrible. Starbucks did have a turkey sandwich, they even had a turkey panini, but I had to go for this as it is something quite different. Does it count as a toastie of its microwaved? Either way, it was very hot and soggy and floppy and I burnt my lip on the melted cheese on the first bite. Lovely. After that, I took to tearing bits off with my hands rather than biting into it.

Despite the horrible name and the debate over wether it is actually a toastie, it was very nice. There’s obviously a strong cranberry flavour from the big ol’ cranberries sitting in the cheese, although the potato, leek, cabbage & sprout hash was a bit lost in amongst the turkey, ham and cheese. But I like cheese and cranberry as a combo, and having them melted into a nice goo with the salty ham worked really well. I’d definitely recommend this one.

I have to say, the quality has improved as the month goes on – just look at this high-tech festive graph!

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