REVIEW: Turkey Feast by M&S

Well here it is, probably the last sandwich review this year because I’m busy after today (unless I end up in an unplanned Christmas sandwich situation where I will dutifully update you). You’ve got 14 reviews out of me this year, you lucky bastards.

I realised I hadn’t had an M&S sandwich yet this year and the nearest M&S to home is either in the nearby hospital or a proper one about 2km away, so I decided to run to the proper one, grab a sandwich and run back. It’s very nice this week to be not working and getting up whenever the hell I like and going for a run, instead of trying to squeeze in these things you are supposed to be doing but can’t be bothered to do around work.

I don’t really have much else to say, there’s not much going on so let’s crack on.

Roast British turkey breast with pork, sage and onion stuffing, an onion mayonnaise, cranberry chutney and smoked British bacon on malted brown bread.

Yes, we’ve come full circle and we are finishing on a Turkey Feast for old time’s sake and it’s…interesting. There is a hell of a lot of cranberry in this one – it’s verging on jam sandwich with crispy bacon in it! But once you get through the shock of the cranberry, the bacon, turkey, mayo and stuffing all come together very well. Maybe its more like a jam sandwich with a Christmas sandwich after taste, and a good Christmas sandwich aftertaste. So, not terrible. In fact, kind of good but a bit strange, which is exactly what you want from your lunch, right?

The turkey, bacon and cranberry sausage roll was great.

TOMORROW: The Christmas Sandwich Awards.

THURSDAY: The Official Christmas Sandwich Rankings and a big announcement.

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