REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Costa

It’s a late, last minute review today. I was meant to be dishing out the Christmas Sandwich Review Blog Awards but plans changed and I ended up eating a Costa Christmas sandwich in a cinema at 10.30 in the morning.

I had been up until 2am playing Xbox online with friends and having a few beers. Friends from real life, I stress, not weirdos off the internet, although I know plenty of them. And I ended up getting pretty drunk! Then I got up to drag myself across London to watch Spider-man in IMAX at 10.30am in Greenwich with a friend, but after I had woken up feeling terrible my friend messaged to say he had tested positive for COVID. We had already bought the tickets and Odeon customer services wasn’t opening until we’d already be on the tube and we couldn’t really cancel or exchange the tickets, so off me and the missus went, 1.5 hours of travel feeling rough when we have a few cinemas only 10 mins away.

When I got there I was really feeling the hangover, but there’s a Costa in the cinema and I knew a Christmas sandwich would lift my spirits, so I got one and ate it during the adverts before the film like an animal.

When we got back I had one hour to pack for going away for Christmas before driving off to Crystal Palace for their Lightopia Christmas thing and walking around for hours after parking at the completely wrong end of Crystal Palace. It’s been a hungover whirlwind of a day and I’m knackered, hence an evening review with no proof reading.

British turkey with beechwood smoked bacon, pork sage & onion stuffing and cranberry sauce on malted bread.

This sandwich was very dry. Of course, this may have just been a problem with my mouth as all moisture in my body had been diverted to my liver and kidneys who were working overtime, but the bread and the filling seemed very dry. Flavour wise, it was fine and I’ve complained about other sandwiches just being mush on the inside, but I think that’s what my body needed this morning. Precious, wet, mush. So instead, I gently sipped on a sprite for relief through a very long film before getting the tube for 1.5 hours. It’s been hard work today!

Spoiler free Spider-man review: Fun, maybe a bit too long. Loud on a hangover.

TOMORROW: The Christmas Sandwich Awards.

CHRISTMAS EVE: The Official Christmas Sandwich Rankings and a big announcement.

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