REVIEW: Turkey, Stuffing and Bacon by Waitrose

It’s Friday and this week you’ve had 5 reviews without me giving up due to the pointless nature of it all. Maybe it’s because I’ve had 3 pretty good sandwiches. Maybe it’s because I have nothing else going on due to London being an omicron infested hell-hole at the moment. Who can say?

Today’s review is a bit later than usual because the missus was going to pilates at lunchtime in Clapham and there is a Waitrose there, so I asked her to bring a sandwich back and I had to sit and wait(rose) for it. It’s been a good week sandwich wise, so I took the opportunity to go upmarket and keep the dream alive. Right let’s get straight into it.

Turkey breast, pork and chestnut stuffing, turkey stock mayonnaise, cranberry and redcurrant chutney and smoked bacon in sliced malted bread.

Look at those ingredients, they’ve added a little extra to nearly everything and there’s smoked bacon, instead of smoke flavoured bacon. It’s a different class really. But the proof is in the eating and I’m afraid to say that the bread on one side of one of the sandwich halves was quite dry and verging on stale. How has only one triangle of bread got like this and not even a full slice? How are these sandwiches made? Is the other dry triangle being eaten my someone else?

Aside from the bread, the fillings are very nice – the cranberry and redcurrant chutney tastes great and as always I love the smokey bacon, but there is an issue. There are nice big chunks of turkey in the sandwich, unlike most others I’ve had, and when I saw them I was impressed, but the downside of this is they are actually pretty dry. Chunks of turkey should be better than the wafer think slices of turkey or turkey mush I’ve been eating this December but now I have them, they’re not so great. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Be careful what you wish for. The monkey paw closes one finger. Etc, etc.

In summary, it could’ve been great but it’s a bit dry. Sorry, Waitrose fans!

So that’s it for this week. I was going to warn you that reviews may be thin on the ground next week as I’m off work and have lots of plans including going away for a long weekend, but that has changed dramatically in the past few days thanks to terrified people cancelling because they don’t want to isolate over Christmas so I will now be in the flat for most of the weekend and next week (hooray!) and we’ll see what happens. Stay safe and have a good weekend.

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