The Christmas Sandwich Rankings 2022

I shook things up a with the reviews this year by having the World Cup format which, as you know, was won by the Rye Cafe. Traditionally, we end the sandwich reviews with the rankings of every sandwich and this year is no different, except we do get to see the rankings and where the sandwiches finished in the tournament.What will we learn from such data? Not much, but it’s something to do to keep the black dog at bay for another day.

If there is one thing that jumps out, it’s that the left-hand side of the draw was a lot tougher than the right. Waitrose, ranked 7th, made it all the way to the third place play-off, lasting longer than Sainsbury’s, Boots and Morrisons who all had better sandwiches but went out in the quarter finals. Even cheeky mockney wanker Jamie Oliver was able to over perform, creeping into the final when both Lidl and Sainsbury’s were better and would’ve knocked him out.

Well I’m afraid that’s it for another year. It’s been a fun one with the World Cup predictions going on at the same time. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it, have a good Christmas, follow the Facebook page in case I do anything spontaneous and maybe I’ll see you next year.


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