Match 7: Co-op v Morrisons

Have you watched the Harry and Meghan documentary yet? No?! Good. Has there ever been a more manufactured “outrage” that is truly meaningless and just an exercise for all parties involved to make tons of money from? I don’t even know what the “sides” are or what the fuss is about but I cannot escape the endless rolling coverage of it. If you do have colleagues or relatives that have strong opinions on this one, I am so sorry for you. There are more important things in this world, such as which of two seasonal pre-packaged sandwiches bought in a supermarket tastes better than the other one. Shall we get down to business?

Today it is: Boxing Day Feast by Co-op vs Christmas Lunch by Morrisons. Sandwiches covering two different days over the Christmas period? Whatever next? And who is today’s loser? Well it’s…

REVIEW: Boxing Day Feast by Co-op

Cooked beechwood and hickory smoked turkey breast and oak smoked formed ham with red cabbage coleslaw and spiced fruit chutney on white bread.

It was bound to happen – a non-traditional turkey feast sandwich has crept into the reviews.

I went to go to the Co-op near work to get a Co-op Christmas sandwich but the Co-op near work is now a Nisa Local. “Looks like I’ll be reviewing a Nisa Local sandwich this year” I thought to myself, but once I got in the Nisa Local all of the sandwiches were by Co-op anyway, and this was the only Christmassy one on offer. It’s not an exciting story to open this review with, but its a thing that happened when I bought this sandwich. At least the sandwich is turkey based. Hey, I was getting desperate to meet my total of 16 sandwiches to review and if FIFA/the government/everyone else can break their own rules as and when they need to, I can bend my ‘turkey feasts only this year’ rule. It has turkey in it, it’s Christmas themed, it’s name contains the word feast. It meets the criteria. And you all thought I did a law degree for nothing. Anyway, we need a review and review we must!

It seems obvious, but this sandwich is very coleslaw-y. The smoke of the meats and the Christmas spices in the chutney do pull through the coleslaw to make for a pretty nice sandwich and it’s nice to get some classic, basic white bread for a change too, you don’t see very often nowadays on a Christmas sandwich. I enjoyed it but on a year where I’m trying to go head-to-head with your basic turkey/stuffing/cranberry sandwiches, it’s hard to know where to put this. I’m not disqualifying it like the SOHO Coffee Co. abomination as this sandwich is down with the Christmas theme and it is a nice sandwich, so it has to come down to this – is it a better sandwich than the Christmas Lunch by Morrisons?

On this occasion, no it wasn’t the better sandwich. But it is a good sandwich! What a shame, they tried something different and it so nearly worked but Co-op has simply been beaten by a better sandwich. Unlucky Co-op, come back next year when I don’t have some strange World Cup rules in place for the review. That’s if I even bother with all this nonsense for another year.

On Monday we have two more wildcard sandwiches to come. What are the wildcard sandwiches? Well even I don’t know yet, but I’ve got a whole weekend to sort that out. What would my dream match be? Well I noticed that the Shell garage in Ashtead is selling Jamie Oliver sandwiches and they had a sign for a Christmas sandwich (but none on the shelf when I went in). And who would my dream opponent for Jamie Oliver be? The Turkey Feast by Poundland of course! I know we’d all be waiting for an upset there. Eagle eyed readers might have noticed that when I had my first Poundland sandwich last year, I was in Leatherhead. Yes, a little Easter Egg for you there, as I was in the area looking at the house I now live in. That’s a much better story than the Nisa Local story I opened with.

Hey guys, it’s your boy Gimpson here. What would YOUR dream Christmas sandwich match up be? Sound off in the Facebook comments and make sure you like and subscribe.

Sorry, I went a bit content creator there. Eugh. Anyway, come back on Monday to see if we do get Jamie Oliver vs Poundland and the football is also back today so we’ll also be looking at the predictions league and celebrating/commiserating as England look certain to win the World Cup/crashed out of the World Cup on penalties [delete an option on Saturday night].


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