Semi Final 1: Lidl v Rye Cafe

I know what some of you are really here for today – the results of the World Cup predictions (although as it was down to two people, that should be pretty obvious), but this is a Christmas sandwich review blog first and foremost, so you will just have to wait whilst I briefly tell you about another sandwich.

Today we have two sandwiches battling it out for a place in the grand final of the World Cup of Christmas Sandwiches. First up, the Turkey Feast by Lidl. Lidl have already seen off the SOHO Coffee Co. abomination and beaten a good sandwich by regular review blog favourites Boots, but do they have what it takes to beat a very good Festive Toastie by the Rye Cafe and Juice Bar? The Rye Cafe have already beaten good sandwiches by Subway, who tried to bribe me for a win with gravy, and the usually cack Sainsbury’s. So who wins? Maybe unsurprisingly, the Rye Cafe! Sorry, Lidl.

REVIEW: Turkey Feast with Cranberry Sauce by Lidl

British turkey breast, pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, beechwood smoked streaky bacon with fired onions and mayonnaise on malted bread

First off – is it the same as last year? Looking back at that exciting one-off video review, yes. Of course it is but Lidl have at least put the ingredients in a different order in an attempt to hoodwink us, although I am the record keeper of Christmas sandwiches and I will not be fooled! I have no idea why Lidl feel the need to mention the cranberry sauce in the name of their sandwich, maybe they’ve seen me moan about the lack of cranberry sauce at Subway every year and want to get in my good books. One thing is for sure, it will make their sandwich stand out on the end of year list of sandwiches.

  • Turkey Feast
  • Turkey Feast
  • Turkey Feast
  • Turkey Feast with Cranberry Sauce
  • Turkey Feast
  • Turkey Feast
  • Etc

Now, onto the sandwich itself. First off, this is another sandwich with a lot of cranberry in it and we’re almost heading into jam sandwich territory. Is this why they mention cranberry sauce in the name? Luckily, the bacon and the very nice stuffing pull it back from the brink and turn this into a pretty good turkey sandwich overall. I mean, yeah it’s the same as all the other sandwiches but that stuffing is edging it just above most of the others. It tastes like nice, solid homemade Paxo stuffing and it’s great. They should mention the stuffing in the sandwich name as well, it’s the star of the show.

Now then, onto some World Cup predictions and he’s only gone and done it…

It was a very entertaining final and FIFA will hope you remember that and forget about the thousands of migrant worker deaths or the fact FIFA effectively endorsed homosexuality being illegal, but we won’t forget.

We also won’t forget that last week I said it was too little too late for Bazroy and that my analysis was all completely wrong. In fact, he was still 4th from the bottom at the start of the quarter final stages so it has been a hell of a comeback. He was our inaugural football predictions winner and now joins Cambo as a two-time winner and will get to proudly place a little golden sandwich trophy next to his fisherman trophy, when he eventually receives it.

More spay paint and general tidying up of trophy to be completed.

I have said all along that I didn’t want to win the trophy I had made, but I am still a bit gutted to have come this close to winning the predictions league! It definitely added something to watching a crazy back and forth final where I’m a neutral.

With the football world cup out of the way, we can get back to the business of just reviewing sandwiches. Join me tomorrow to see who will face the Rye Cafe in our sandwich final – Waitrose or Jamie Oliver.


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