BONUS REVIEW: ‘Tis the Season Turkey Sandwich by Starbucks

That’s right, my feathered friends, today we have a bonus review alongside the usual coverage. Before I knew if I could make the Jamie Oliver versus Poundland match up a reality, I ate this sandwich just in case as a back up review and we wouldn’t want to waste a review, would we?

I bought this sandwich in Starbucks after going to the gym with the missus in the morning, when the car said it was -3.5 degrees celsius. And we got some drinks too. So there we were, in our gym gear with hot drinks and swanning around in the frost like proper gym/coffee wankers. Except we both don’t like coffee, so we had chai lattes. Skinny chai lattes. The biggest gym/coffee wankers of all!

Sliced turkey breast, beechwood smoked bacon, sage & onion stuffing with cranberry sauce on malted bread.

Another sandwich that doesn’t mention the spinach but there is definitely spinach, like SOHO Coffee Co. What is going on this year? And why must Starbucks give their sandwiches such terrible names? At least this year it is definitely a Christmas sandwich, unlike last year’s terribly named Thanksgiving sandwich posing as a Christmas sandwich A Toastie to be Thankful For (although I really loved that sandwich).

Onto the sandwich itself and they really should’ve mentioned the spinach because there is a lot of it. And the mayonnaise, they didn’t mention that either but there is loads. Also, there is something in there, be it the bacon or the turkey, that is very chewy and it’s very off putting. There isn’t a great deal of flavour in the sandwich – a bit of sage, a lot of mayonnaise but no cranberry or smoke from this allegedly smoked bacon. To be honest, I’m a bit gutted that I’ve stuck with the turkey feast theme for this one, because that horribly named toasty from last year was really good and Starbucks had some nice looking toasties this year too, but rules are rules and I’ve ended up with a sandwich is chewy and bland, a combination no one wants. To be honest, it’s lucky it isn’t in the World Cup of Christmas Sandwiches.

Having filled all of the gaps in the World Cup of Christmas Sandwiches, that makes this sandwich number 17 this year – matching last year’s record and it’s only the 12th of December! Could there be more this month?Will there be other bonus reviews? Do I really want to eat more than 17 turkey feast sandwiches this year? Stick around and find out!


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