Quarter Final 4: Morrisons v Jamie Oliver

I don’t really have much to talk about today. There was no football last night so the predictions league hasn’t changed. I didn’t go to my Christmas party so there’s no drunken shenanigans to share with you. Although I have woken up with a giant ulcer on my tongue that hurts when I eat and a stiff back that hurts when I cough, which I’m still doing a lot because I still have a cold. So I feel like shit but didn’t get any free booze. Shall we review a sandwich?

It’s MorrisonsChristmas Lunch versus Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Christmas Turkey Feast (via Shell) and today’s loser is:

REVIEW: Christmas Lunch by Morrisons

Turkey breast with cranberry chutney, smoked bacon, pork, sage and onion stuffing and seasoned mayonnaise on malted bread.

I bought this sandwich the other week at the little Morrisons which is part of a petrol station in Leatherhead. It’s not that far away, so I decided to run there, grab the sandwich, and run back on my lunch break. Simple enough. Three days before this, I had run a 10km race thing and had done no cool down or recovery exercise since the race like a true athlete. So despite being a very short run. this was tough as everything was stiff. No, not that! Then I got a stone in shoe so had to stop, take my shoe off and sort it out, which completely killed my momentum. So if you are from the Ashtead or Leatherhead area and you saw a fat man holding a sandwich and struggling to run, very slowly, that was me!

This sandwich was a solid sandwich. It hit all the right notes and has smokey bacon with a strong hint of sage throughout. Was there more sage in the mayo as well as the stuffing? I think there might have been and lucky for me I really like sage. I could’ve done another deep dive on the ingredients to check that mayo, but we’ve all seen how my deep dives have been going lately.

Although I reviewed their Boxing Day Curry wrap last year, I have never reviewed a standard Morrisons turkey sandwich before and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! Good on them. The bad news is, it wasn’t as good as the Jamie Oliver sandwich, also bought at a petrol station. So now we have our semi-finalists!

Okay, that’s enough for this week, see you on Monday for our first semi-final: Lidl versus the Rye Cafe. And we’ll finally see who wins the golden sandwich trophy: Bazroy or myself. Or another person we’ve forgotten about. Have a good weekend!


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