Quarter Final 2: Rye Cafe v Sainsbury’s

It’s time for our second quarter final and today we find out who will be facing Lidl in the first semi final. Will it be review blog newcomer The Rye Cafe with their Festive Toastie? Or usually cack Sainsbury’s with their Turkey Feast? Well the result won’t be a surprise, but the review might!

REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Sainsbury’s

British turkey breast, mayonnaise, maple cured bacon, cranberry chutney and sage, onion and oat stuffing on malted bread.

Sage, onion and oat stuffing?! That caught my eye. Anything different excites me during the Christmas sandwich reviews now, even minor differences like that. And something else caught my eye – more bright orange Christmas packaging like Boots! You can’t really see it from the photo, but the orange sides are covered in baubles, a nice touch. But all of this counts for nothing – how does it taste?

Well it’s pretty good. I was eating it after a 5km run through a muddy forest so anything might have tasted good, but I liked it. And the oats? Well I couldn’t really taste them but, along with some crunchy bacon, they are added a nice bit of texture to a good but otherwise fairly standard turkey feast sandwich. Have Sainsbury’s upped their game? A quick skim over old reviews reveals:

  • Sainsbury’s usually gets very bad reviews
  • I haven’t had a traditional turkey feast from Sainsbury’s since 2017 when I moaned about the spinach
  • I don’t know how to change these bullet points into numbers on my phone

And it looks like my main complaint used to be spinach (I moaned about it in 2016 as well) so they have done the right thing and removed the spinach, and I have done the right thing by going back to basics and only reviewing turkey feast sandwiches. All is well.

If you know what this is, you probably spend too much time online as well.

But for all the effort Sainsbury’s has put in, it hasn’t been enough. It counts for nothing when you are up against a freshly cooked, hot sandwich from your nice cafe. Sorry Sainsbury’s, but I appreciate the effort this year.

Onto the World Cup predictions league and last nights results have shaken things up a bit.

With Argentina through to the final, it looks like Carly is out of the running. Although France making the final will get her points, it’ll also get me the same amount of points.

Triona has crept up into 3rd place and needs an Argentina win, ideally with France finishing 4th. She’ll be relying on Messi, which is how she gets on the white wine.

Dave Lowe is down to 2nd place but not out yet! If France finish 3rd and Morocco win the World Cup, he’ll get his hands on the trophy. He must be praying to the little baby Jesus for a Christmas miracle. Or to Allah, as he probably has more interest in Morocco winning.

As for me? Well I’m top and if France get through to the final and win it, the trophy barely has to move at all. Although it is currently in my shed where I spray painted it, so it will have to move into the house and onto the mantle piece. But I genuinely would rather someone else won it and if I do win I’ll wish I had ordered the little fisherman trophy Bazroy won all those years ago, it’s been the best one.

Speaking of former champion Bazroy, look at him creeping up the table to 6th after being near the bottom for so long! Too little, too late my friend.

Anyway, it’s all to play for, just like the World Cup of Christmas Sandwiches! So come back tomorrow for Waitrose versus Tesco or to see the World Cup predictions. Whichever you are more excited about. But please make sure you come back. This has been a lot of effort this year.


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