REVIEW: Hot Cross Bun BLT by M&S

Well it’s April 1st again, which means Easter is coming and it’s time to review all of the pre-packaged Easter sandwiches put out by the supermarkets and sandwich shops of the UK. Unfortunately there is no international football tournament to tie the Easter sandwiches in with, so it’s back to the classic review format.

I drove into Ashtead village specifically for this sandwich today, which has been a welcome break from having sodding Huel pot noodles most lunchtimes. Why yes, I’ve lost around 5 lbs so far, thank you.

Today, we are starting with M&S and their Hot Cross Bun BLT.

This might be my best sandwich photo yet!

Beechwood smoked maple cured British streaky bacon, bacon flavour dressing, semi-dried tomatoes and lettuce on a Cheddar cheese and Red Leicester cheese hot cross bun.

I mean, you can’t really go wrong with a BLT, can you? CAN YOU?!

The bacon is fine – it’s bacon, if you get bacon wrong you are in trouble. M&S are on the verge of too much lettuce, but they stopped just before they passed the threshold. And tomatoes are tomatoes. A classic combination, but nothing special. What elevates this BLT is not the hot cross bun – I wouldn’t say that the hot cross bun adds anything really, it’s not even that cheesy despite there allegedly being two types of cheese in it so this may as well just be a BLT in a roll. Instead, the bacon flavour dressing has a kick of spice and smoke and finishes it all off nicely. I remember once, I got some ‘bacon mayonaise’ for Christmas and I could’ve eaten that shit straight from the tub with a spoon. This isn’t that good but, overall, a nice solid sandwich. Not one to rush out and try, mind. I give the same review to all the superhero films I see at the cinema lately – I liked it but don’t go out of your way for it. An Ant-man or Shazam sandwich.


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