Match 4: M&S v Sainsbury’s

Not much of an intro today. I went to the office yesterday and one of my trains was cancelled on the way back. That’s all I have to write about, so let’s talk sandwiches.

Today we have Turkey Feast by M&S v Turkey Feast by Sainsbury’s. After two hot sandwiches yesterday, it’s back to cold sandwiches out of the fridge. That’s also 5 out of 8 sandwiches named Turkey Feast so far, but there are so many more to go. So in today’s battle of the Turkey Feast versus the Turkey Feast, the losing Turkey Feast is:

REVIEW: Turkey Feast by M&S

Roast British turkey breast with pork, sage and onion stuffing, onion mayonnaise, cranberry chutney and smoked British bacon on malted brown bread.

There were lots of gluten free turkey feasts and vegan turkey feasts in the M&S in Epsom, but I couldn’t see any normal turkey feasts. That was until I crouched down and at the back of a lower shelf I found the last turkey feast in M&S. Thankfully, not the last chicken in Sainsbury’s.

Of course, I performed my now standard Christmas Sandwich Review Blog check – is it the same sandwich as last year? Yes, of course it is. Same packaging and everything. And the cranberry sauce is still quite jammy, but not as jammy as last year. Maybe they tweaked it. Maybe I’m losing my mind from trying to review things that are always exactly the same as they were a year before when all I really need to do is copy and paste last year’s reviews.

This sandwich hits the right notes, it has all the stuffing and cranberry Christmassy flavours and the bacon is quite smokey, but it needs something more. Some ooomph. A stand out flavour or something different to make it stand out of the crowd. You’re not going to go wrong with this sandwich, but you’re not going to get excited either.

Did you check if that last paragraph was copied and pasted? Well it wasn’t, but maybe I should do that for one review and see if anyone ever notices…

Anyway, M&S simply did not do enough to beat Sainsbury’s. They turned up with the same old sandwich and assumed they’d get through, but now they are out. Sheer hubris! Congratulations to Sainsbury’s who will face the Rye Cafe in the quarter finals.

And in actual World Cup news, the predictions league has taken another twist as both Dave Lowe and myself predicted Croatia getting to the quarter finals and got loads of points. He takes the top spot and I’m in third and danger of winning my own trophy again, but it’s okay because I have Belgium winning a match today and they are already out so that should slow me down.

Looking at the rest of the table, former champions Bazroy and Cambo have really fucked it this year and a shout out to Onmydeathbed who only comes here for the sandwich reviews, was pressured into making some World Cup predictions and has pretty much been propping up the table ever since. See, isn’t it fun?

See you all for the middle class derby – Pret versus Waitrose!


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