The Christmas Sandwich Awards 2019

There will be rankings. Oh yes, there will be rankings. But before, let’s have some awards so that everyone feels special. To present the awards, I am handing over to special guest blogger, TOWIE’s Gemma Collins. Take it away, Gemma.


Thanks Gemma.

Best Overall Sandwich

Winner: Turkey Feast by Boots

Runner Up: Pret’s Christmas Lunch by… Pret (duh)

Smokiest Bacon Award

Turkey Feast by Boots

Least Original Name Award

Winner: Turkey Feast by AldiBoots, and Costa

Runner Up: Christmas Lunch by Pret and Greggs

Shall We Just Name It After The Filling Award

Winner: Turkey, Stuffing & Bacon by Waitrose

Highly Commended: Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry by Sainsbury’s

Most Shocking Good New Entry

Festive Turkey by Lidl

Most Boring Cunts for Churning Out The Same Sandwich for 4 Years And Driving Me to Veganism Last Year Most Valued Sponsor Award

Turkey & Trimmings by Tesco

Most Nautical Award

Turkey Sandwich by City Cruises


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