REVIEW: Turkey, Bacon & Cranberry by Sainsbury’s

Well, the blog is running late today which is like totally ironic because I bought this sandwich whilst walking home from the station to save time today. And I’ve completely forgotten the price.  And there’s no time for some rambling about my life. Anyway, let’s crack on.

Looking at previous years, Sainsbury’s always seems to be second from bottom on the annual rankings. HOW HAVE THEY DONE THIS YEAR?


British smoked turkey breast with cranberry chutney and maple-cured smoked British bacon on malted bread.

Well at least they changed it up this year, that buys you a lot of points on this blog nowadays. At least I think they have, the Sainsburys I went to is pretty small and maybe there are more options in bigger stores. But I don’t really care, here we are, finish it.

On one hand, they have kept it simple – there’s no spinach which has been their downfall in previous years. But no the other hand – where is the stuffing?! And there are meagre amounts of everything else. But, it is passable. A functional sandwich. No frills, but meets the minimum requirements. A basic bitch.

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