REVIEW: Christmas Lunch by Greggs

It’s the sandwich people (1 person) have been asking for, and it’s been hard to find because Greggs seem to sell out of everything by 11.58am every day. But on Friday night, I walked past Greggs at about 6pm and what did I see? Not one, but two Christmas sandwiches! So I got one and took it home for later. I didn’t fancy it for dinner on Friday (I’m not an animal) so put it in the fridge. On Saturday I had to head out for boat trip and didn’t get a chance to eat it, and then on Sunday, I was heading out all day again with my family and didn’t really have time to eat it. So, I had it for breakfast on Sunday (I am an animal).

Now, I know what you are thinking. The Monday blog post was about Saturday, and the Tuesday blog post is about Friday night and Sunday morning? None of this makes sense. How are we supposed to follow this?! He died earlier, how is he back now? And why are films always so dark now? You can’t see anything. It’s a non-linear narrative, dad. It requires a slight bit of work from you but not much. Go back to sleep.

Turkey breast, sweetcure bacon, pork, onion and sage stuffing and cranberry & port sauce with mixed salad leaves and mayonnaise in malted brown bread.

So, this is a letdown. Everything about this sandwich is bland. The stuffing doesn’t taste of much, the cranberry sauce is null and void. It just tastes like any old chicken and bacon sandwich you can get all year round. ‘Top of your Christmas lunch list’ the packaging boldly claims. Unlikely. Greggs came second in 2017, narrowly missing out on the top spot and I sang their praises. And now this. It’s not the worst, but it’s such a disappointment. It’s gone full-blown Arsenal.

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