REVIEW: Turkey Sandwich by City Cruises

Well, well, well, this is a surprise entry. On Saturday we took my girlfriend’s mum out for an afternoon tea cruise down the Thames and when the sandwiches, cakes and scones came out in the standard stacked plates they were accompanied by a sneaky little side plate – “and this is the Christmas turkey sandwich”. How did they know?! Did they even do turkey sandwiches before they saw me queuing on the jetty? Quickly, the Christmas sandwich review blog guy is here, this is our chance to make it onto the blog and get some free advertising. What a smart move, another a third new entry on this year’s list. All these rookies crawling out of the woodwork are making my life a lot easier!

I am going to have to guess the list of ingredients for this one, but I can say for sure that there was turkey, stuffing, bacon, spinach, cranberry and some sort of mayonnaise. But only one triangle each, as is a tradition on afternoon tea. Do you know what isn’t tradition on afternoon tea? Only having a choice or pre-made tea or coffee poured from jugs. Where’s my chai tea? Or the bloody Mary tea? Yeah, that’s right, I’m a hipster and I want silly tea.

So onto the sandwich – and it was very good and pretty over stuffed. Nice consistency, all the flavours coming through well including the cranberry but there was one big flavour punching through – the bacon. It seriously tasted like bacon bits in the sandwich, and that’s great. Why has no one else done this? A nice salty hit of seriously crispy bacon. This might the missing ingredient for a lot of sandwiches.

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