REVIEW: Turkey Feast by Sainsbury’s

img_8369£2.30 – Butter basted British turkey breast, British pork and chestnut stuffing, maple cured smoked British bacon, cranberry and port sauce, mayonnaise with spinach on malted bread.

It’s a first time for Sainsbury’s on the world’s best loved Christmas sandwich digital diary. And if you’re a fan of Brexit, you must like the good old list of British ingredients there, none of those foreign ingredients coming in and taking the job you never applied for/were never qualified for/too good for! And loads of pork for you daft racists (you know what I’m saying wink wink nudge nudge).

There’s a nice little twinkly pattern on the packing to make it stand out from the other sandwiches in the fridge near the cigarettes, making it a bit more Christmassy without mentioning the word Christmas, because they banned Christmas you know. But don’t worry, all of your sandwiches will have Christmas written on them after we trigger Article 50, you just won’t have enough money to be able to pay for the inflated price of the sandwich but that was nothing to do with leaving the EU it’s all scaremongering, what do they know?

Anyway enough of that, onto the sandwich itself! Well at first bite, it seems a bit generic, even a bit rubbery dare I say! But then that cranberry and port sauce kicks in and plays off the stuffing, it’s a good solid Christmas flavour. Tastes like my first bite of Christmas. My only real complaint would be the spinach – it just doesn’t sit right. Get out of here spinach, go back to where you came from you freeloading vermin. We want honest Christmas ingredients for honest Christmas sandwiches!

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