REVIEW: Boxing Day Lunch by Co-op

Welcome to another week of sandwich reviews. A couple of people have asked about sandwich reviews over the weekends. Hey, even I need a break from the hard work that is running an international sandwich blog.

Today I sent the missus out to find a sandwich again as she was going near a Co-op and I simply cannot be bothered to go myself. She has learnt from the last time, and faced with the choice of a turkey sandwich, a pigs in blankets sandwich or a Boxing Day sandwich, she went for the one that looks like something different. Nice job!

As I’ve done nothing, I don’t really have much to talk about. I did go for an afternoon tea on Saturday where I ate even more sandwiches than I have to this month, but they didn’t have a Christmas one like the boat trip last year, so I couldn’t squeeze a review out of it.

Now this sandwich looks like something I would make on Boxing Day, so let’s find out just how good it is.

Cooked smoked turkey and oak smoked formed ham worth red cabbage coleslaw and spiced fruit chutney on white bread.

Well I’m pleased to say that this is very good. The coleslaw is great and goes well with the ham and turkey and the spiced chutney gives it just that little bit of Christmas flavour and the meat is nice and smokey! And the white bread really does make it feel like a dirty sandwich that I have made myself in between the copious amounts of food I’ve already eaten. Nice job!

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