REVIEW: Pulled Pork and Stuffing by Asda

It’s another late post, and that’s because I stayed up far too late playing Xbox, making me get up late this morning and so on. I really am living like a student again.

So I have pretty much exhausted my sandwich options in Tooting (unless anyone knows otherwise). But here’s the secret – I don’t actually live in Tooting. I’m about two streets over from the boundary, I can walk to Tooting station in under 5 minutes but technically I live in another town, another borough, another post code region even. Yes, I live in Mitcham. So today I took the longer walk into Mitcham town centre, where there is an Asda and a…well you’ll find that out tomorrow.

Asda presented me with three options – turkey, pigs under blankets or pulled pork with stuffing. I plumped for the pork so we can compare it with the Aldi hog roast and bring some damn balance to the blog this year. It’s been all over the place! Whilst I did a bit of shopping, I also saw a Boxing Day lunch sandwich that someone had discard in a completely different refrigerated aisle, but I don’t know what they did to it so I left that.

White bread with pulled pork, seasoned mayonnaise and Bramley apple sauce, with pork, sage and onion stuffing, fried onions and parsley.

Ooh, parsley!

This is better than the Aldi effort. There is a real nice hit of crispy fried onion when you take your first bite, and then the sweetness of the apple sauce comes in and mixes nicely with the stuffing. I even like the plain white bread, gives it a homemade feel. It’s pretty tasty, but I come back to the same issue as Aldi – it would be so much better hot. All this cold pulled pork doesn’t really cut it for me, it doesn’t feel right.

Okay see you later, I’m going back to the Xbox.

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