REVIEW: ‘Tis The Season Turkey Sandwich by Starbucks

Hello. Before we get onto the Starbucks sandwich, can we talk about Gregg’s? I’ve been to the Gregg’s in the high street twice this week, and they don’t seem to stock sandwiches anymore. They have lots of baguettes, but no sandwiches. Is this just happening at my local Gregg’s or is it everywhere? Is it a COVID-19 thing? A Brexit thing? Can one of you Gregg’s experts please help me with this? And no, there wasn’t a Christmas baguette.

Right then, onto Starbucks. As you have read in the blogs of Christmas past, I hate coffee shops. But Starbucks had a sign outside advertising this sandwich, so in I went as quickly as possible just before the lunchtime rush – there wasn’t even a queue! But on my way out, I saw another sign, this time for the appallingly named The One With The Gravy Layer Sandwich. Pulled ham, turkey, sweet gravy, smoky butternut crush, Cheddar and red cabbage? That sounds great. Why was the advert on the inside of the building?! Oh yeah, it looks like you have to wait for it to be toasted and I’m not doing that – catch COVID-19 in Starbucks or take it away and it’s stone cold by the time I get home. When I’m on my deathbed, hopefully this won’t be one of the regrets that comes back to haunt me as I’m visited by the three spirits of Christmas sandwiches past, present and future. Wait, I already used that Christmas reference in this paragraph!

Pulled turkey, pork, chestnut & onion stuffing, reduced fat mayonnaise, port and cranberry sauce, smoked bacon and spinach in malted brown bread.

Pulled turkey?! I remember Starbucks losing marks for trying too hard in a blog post of Christmas past and, looking back, that had pulled turkey as well. But the proof is in the pudding (sandwich), so let’s crack on.

Well it looks like they have learned from their mistakes. This is a solid turkey sandwich – the right notes of sweet cranberry and savoury stuffing with nice moist turkey. Even the spinach isn’t spoiling it!

One thing I’ve noticed about Starbucks sandwiches before but never mentioned – the excess of sea life killing plastic in the packaging does an excellent job of keeping the two halves of the sandwich separate to stop any squashing or mushiness. Yes some wildlife is going to die when I hurl this plastic into a river later tonight, but the result is two halves of perfectly preserved textbook sandwich. You know how food never looks like it does in the photos? This does. Much to my own surprise, Starbucks have come out stronger here.

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