REVIEW: Turkey, Stuffing & Cranberry, Ham Hock & Pear Chutney, Barber’s Cheddar and Plum Chutney by Boots

It’s a big one today. Winner in the vegan Christmas of 2018, winner last year, there’s high hopes for Boots. And look what I found – another bumper Christmas sandwich!

I actually bought this yesterday and stuck it in my fridge so I don’t have to go out today. Except I did go out this morning thanks to an early doctor’s appointment. Here are some things I haven’t done for a long time:

  1. Get up before 7.30am
  2. Get up when it is still cold and dark
  3. Leave the house before 8am
  4. Leave the house before the sun has had a chance to relieve the cold even slightly

I got to do all of those this morning. Wonderful. And I had a blood test to check the amount of stuffing and cranberry sauce in my arteries, if you must know. Onto the sandwich(es)!

Cooked turkey breast with mayonnaise, cranberry chutney, pork, sage and onion stuffing on malted.
Cooked and cured shredded ham hock with caramelised apple and pear chutney and lettuce on malted bread.
Barber’s Mature Cheddar cheese with plum and Bramley apple chutney and lettuce on malted bread.

I wanted to take the Lidl route on this one – starter, main, cheese board. But ham hock and pear chutney really is more of a Boxing Day thing to me. So do I go Christmas lunch, cheese board, Boxing Day lunch? I really feel like the cheese should be left until last. What a nightmare! I really don’t have much going on lately. Let’s treat the ham hock like a terrine and use it as a starter. Feel free to tell me which order you think I should have eaten them in though.

Ham hock and chutney
This mainly tastes of lettuce
And is a bit dry

Turkey is tasty
A bit on the thin side though
I would have liked more

A slither of cheese
Damn that’s some good plum chutney
A cracking sandwich

How about that then? You didn’t see the sandwich haikus coming, did you? I have far too much time on my hands.

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