REVIEW: Turkey & Trimmings by Tesco

Can you believe it’s been a year since I was last reviewing Christmas sandwiches? And what a year it’s been! For everyone!

How was my year? Let’s have a quick recap:

  • January – I cannot remember that far back
  • February – as COVID-19 arrived over here, I went to hospital on Valentine’s Day with epiploic appendagitis. Do you know what that is? No me neither and it took many painful hours to diagnose
  • March – I guess it was alright
  • April – I quit my job for the past two years with nothing lined up at the start of a small pandemic that would blow over very quickly
  • May – left my job
  • June – had 7 interviews with one company where I made presentations and completed tests and they said no at the final stage
  • July – beat that record by having 8 interviews, presentations etc with one company who then said no at the final stage
  • August – played Xbox
  • September – got a job!
  • October – quit the job!
  • November – left the job!
  • December – and here we are

So I have plenty of time for reviewing sandwiches! And we are starting with…

Turkey breast, mayonnaise, pork sausage, cranberry sauce, sage and onion stuffing, beechwood smoked streaky bacon on malted bread.

Hey guess what – Tesco have churned out the same sandwich for 5 years in a row! But there is one minor difference from last year. Can you see it? Yes, they have removed the chicken stock from the mayonnaise. Why? Only the sandwich gods know. Has it made a difference? I can’t remember! But I do know this – the sage level seems to have been raised to the max and I like it. It’s a good, if fairly predictable and safe, start to the season. At least we didn’t die of COVID-19.

One reply to “REVIEW: Turkey & Trimmings by Tesco

  1. Excellent overview. Very pleased you don’t have a job. You might get sponsored again for your posts; you shouldn’t have started with Tesco, they have the big bucks.

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