The Grand Lockdown KeyForge Experiment: Round 2 Round Up

It’s time for a round up of Round 2 of my lockdown KeyForge Experiment where I play best of 3 games with all of the decks I own to see which one is the best. And Round 2 didn’t go very well. See for yourself.

Deck Set Wins Loses
Rashly Crawling Avalon COTA 0 2
Wretch Riddlesby COTA 1 2
Ameer, the She-wolf of Nandeane AOA 0 2
Arya, the Hammer of The Arena AOA 0 2
Voidlord Zerojack, the Clever Symbiote AOA 0 2
The Fossil that Absurdly Growls at Ash AOA 0 2
Hydrouda, the Mapmaker Moneylender WC 0 2
Zelium, the Queen of Sudbury WC 0 2
Eternal Y. Saramix WC 0 2
The Tailor that Beats Down Orcas WC 0 2
Licinius of Kinmont Room WC 1 2
Citiaby, the Unclean Colosseum Announcer WC 0 2
Awe-Inspiring “Bullet” Coe WC 0 2
Tsukace of the Mayor’s Catacombs WC 2 0
H. Kudravi, Regicadia’s Stately Scrivener WC 2 0
Taldiir, Moonham’s Stalker AOA 0 2
Questor Florus WC 1 2
The Competitive Mortician WC 0 2
Grande A. Osteopuddle, the Mad WC 1 2
Quillon Volfall from the Chieftain’s Fleet WC 0 2

Yep, only two decks survived and we are at the final already! At one point I lost at least 16 games in a row. In fact the whole thing was so disheartening that it’s taken me three weeks to get around to writing this up and I haven’t got around to starting the final round yet. I only won 18% of my games, all but one of them with Worlds Collide decks. Have I got too used to playing Worlds Collide? To be honest I’m quite surprised my COTA deck Wretch Riddlesby has gone out. It got the one non-Worlds Collide win and in my opinion it’s easily my best deck.

Set No. of Decks Games Played Wins Loses Win %
COTA 2 5 1 4 20%
AOA 5 10 0 10 0%
WC 13 29 7 22 24%
Total 20 44 8 36 18%

All of these games were played in Competitive mode and there were strong players and strong decks playing for pretty much every game, which has me worried for the final two decks – it might be quite hard to find an overall winner! With that in mind, I’m going to play best of five with each deck. If it’s a tie, I’ll go up to best of seven, best of nine and so on until someone wins!

And so onto our finalists. First up, there is Tsukace of the Mayor’s Catacombs. This deck’s strengths lie in General Order 24 messing up my opponent’s game plan and raising the cost of my opponents keys in a number of different ways and stealing their excess amber.

The other deck through to the final is H. Kudravi, Regicadia’s Stately Scrivener. To be honest, I don’t see this deck as anything special – it’s a good allrounder with some Dis purge, three Moor Wolves and some solid Saurian cards. But to my surprise, a lot of people were conceding to it, to the point there I actually played more than the two recorded games because I wanted to actually win with it!

So we’ll see how they get on!

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