REVIEW: Coronation Chicken by Craddocks Bakery

May the 4th be with you!

Remember when the idea of more than just 3 Star Wars films was very exciting? And I mean crazy exciting, I wanted it more than anything. I miss that. Then Star Wars became a tedious underwhelming obligation in my life. I haven’t had Disney+ for nearly a year now and it’s been great, like a weight off my shoulders. I don’t have to watch anything. I even cancelled my wrestling subscriptions. Not having to watch underwhelming things just to get your money’s worth feels great. Try it. I permanently deleted Twitter and Facebook too. Not having to open apps and to check them and feeling annoyed or underwhelmed is also great. Permanently deleting years worth of stuff and never going back has been brilliant. Try it, cancel some subscriptions and permanently delete some accounts, those ones you always think about scrubbing, and feel the sweet relief. You could then read a book or something mental like that.

Anyway, after two days of sandwich reviews from the office, it’s time for something a bit more local. I have been a bit slack on the exercise front lately, so decided it was time to go for a lunchtime run and I planned it around running to my local bakery. It’s good to have a goal to achieve for additional motivation, such as buying a sandwich halfway through your exercise. And just like last time I ran to buy a sandwich, I was struggling, although this time through fatigue but through lack of training, so again if you live locally you may have had the pleasure of seeing a fat, out of breath man running along holding a sandwich.

The sandwiches from Craddocks are not off the shelf but freshly prepared and despite living here for nearly 1.5 years, I haven’t actually been in for a sandwich yet. I’ve had bread, cakes and their hot cross bun loaf, which is great because you can just slice hot cross bun for the toaster rather than get a bun stuck in your toaster and risk electrocution prying it back out, but if I do wander out to get something for lunch, I’m guilty of going to the deli next door for a giant black pudding scotch egg. The missus has had the coronation chicken from Craddocks though (albeit in a baguette) and recommended it so it’s time to see if she is right.

Coronation chicken mix, lettuce and butter on brown bread

I don’t know exactly what’s in their mix and didn’t ask, I just stood there patiently sweating whilst it was made. I asked for brown bread and to add the lettuce and when the lady asked if I wanted butter I couldn’t say no.

Look at that photo – that is one stuffed sandwich! The coronation chicken mix had a nice hit of sultanas, a slight bit of mustard coming through and was great overall. I’m glad I didn’t say no to the butter to as you could really taste that too. Delicious butter makes everything taste good. A cracking sandwich and I think I’ve been missing out by not having one before. Next time, I’ll get a sandwich from the bakery and a scotch egg from the deli. WIN-WIN.

A third coronation chicken sandwich review in a row? Can I do the whole week? The only way you can find out is by coming back tomorrow.


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