REVIEW: Coronation Chicken by M&S

Hello again. It’s time for another coronation chicken sandwich review. Yesterday, I reviewed Pret’s coronation special, but the big dirty secret about that review is… I had it for breakfast! Yes that’s right, I’m an animal, but these are the things I do for this blog and for you, my precious readers.

Now that I live in a small village outside of London, I can’t just nip out at lunchtime and hope to easily find the sandwich I want within five minutes, especially 4 days in a row. However, I can do that in the office so I doubled up and had another coronation chicken sandwich for lunch. My shop of choice? M&S, ironically the only big chain that sells sandwiches in my little village, so I may have ended up shooting myself in the foot anyway but its all too late to worry about that now. You readers demand content, so content you shall have.

M&S did have a coronation club sandwich special on the shelves, but I could see the cucumber looking out at me from under the 6 slices of toasted bread so instead I opted for their bog standard presumably all year round coronation chicken sandwich. And some special coronation crisps.

Another hastily taken office photo

Roast chicken breast, spiced mayonnaise with spinach, sultanas, coriander and apricots on oatmeal bread

This is pretty, pretty good. You can really taste the sultanas and apricots, which I like in coronation chicken. Pret didn’t even have sultanas, which I didn’t realise until I started eating this sandwich. An opportunity missed in their great sandwich! But enough living in the past (3.5 hours ago), back to current sandwich. Although I don’t have much else to say about the M&S sandwich, its just a solid coronation chicken sandwich. If anything, after the Pret sandwich, the no frills brown bread and simplicity of the M&S sandwich makes it feel like a homemade sandwich, which I like. Another good sandwich.

Now, I know what you are thinking – what about the crisps? Well before I get onto them, I don’t mean to brag but I’ve also had Tyrrell’s coronation chicken crisps over the weekend. Yes, I’ve really been getting into it. The Tyrrell’s crisps just tasted like chicken crisps with a little bit of curry podwer, and I’d say the M&S ones are pretty much the same. I even checked the bag to see if they were, but M&S were not giving away any of their secrets.

Come back tomorrow for more great content.


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