REVIEW: Coronation Chicken by the Rye Cafe

On yesterday’s review I talked about going for a run. I went for another run this morning before work and had to take a slight detour because at a narrow road on my usual route someone was riding a very slow horse and I’m not stupid enough to take on a horse. These things never happened in Tooting.

Anyway, it’s our last coronation chicken sandwich before Charlie’s big day tomorrow and the post is up a bit later than usual because I actually ate this sandwich at lunchtime today and had to get back and write this up and make the image and all the other behind the scenes magic that goes into occasionally churning some words out.

It’s another local freshly prepared sandwich and, as you might have predicted before seeing it pop up today, it’s from local favourite the Rye Cafe. Home of the Ploughman’s sandwich with the pork pie in it and our World Cup of Christmas Sandwiches winner. They are doing a coronation chicken special for this week only, so I had to get in on the action.


Coronation chicken, mango chutney, cream cheese and salad in a seeded baguette

I think those ingredients are right, although Robbie who runs the place did threaten extra cucumber when I was ordering. I am happy to use this blog to promote my anti-cucumber agenda!

As expected, this was a pretty tasty sandwich. A very fruity coronation chicken thanks to the mango was nicely balanced with the peppery rocket in the salad. I know some people hate rocket but I always think it adds to a meal, the better salad option. The baguette added a nice crunch to an all round great jam-packed sandwich. Well not literally jam-packed, but you know what I mean. Unless chutney is a jam. Anyway, good sandwich and it’s also nice to pop out for lunch on a Friday too.

And there you have it, four coronation chicken sandwich reviews and I have to say I’ve enjoyed them all for different reasons. This has been much more fun than the long slog of Christmas sandwiches every December. Should we crown one of them as the King of Coronation Chicken sandwiches? No, let’s just enjoy the moment. Two decent sandwiches off the shelf in the office, two great sandwiches from local businesses. Lovely.

Have a good long weekend, whatever you are doing, and don’t get rained on too much. See you in December.


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