Registration for the World Cup Predictor Is Open

Hello everyone. As I announced last year, thanks to the World Cup moving to the winter I will be combining my annual Christmas Sandwich Reviews with my bi-annual World Cup/Euros predictor tournament where you can win a trophy. Wait, does bi-annual mean every two years or twice a year? Whatever, you know what I mean.

The website I use to run the tournament has already opened their World Cup predictors waaaay before I was ready to show you this years special trophy or tell you what I have planned so I will do that soon. BUT, that should not stop you from registering on the website, joining my league and making a start on your predictions. Think of it as pre-registering. Except don’t. Pre-registration isn’t a thing. It’s just registering. The same as ‘pre-ordering’. You are just ordering, there’s no difference if you order something early. It’s a marketing con to get you excited and buying stuff, like Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

The league is run through a website called Copabet. I believe it’s free on a computer and you have to buy a cheap app if you want to access it by phone. Well it used to be, I already bought the app years ago so I can’t tell. You can register and join my league here:

The password for my league is: turkeyfeast

Feel free to share this with your friends, it’s open to anyone with the password. All of the instructions are on the website and you have to predict everything, all the way up to and including the final, before the tournament starts. The website, it’s rules and instructions, and how it all works have nothing to do with me. So if you fuck it up and don’t finish all your predictions in time or don’t join my league or you spell your email wrong or you say something racist and get banned, don’t moan to me. I will just send you this paragraph to read again. Take your time and read the fucking instructions.

I’ll be back soon to begin everything properly.

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