CELEBRITY GUEST REVIEW: The One with the Gravy Layer by Starbucks

Well you may have seen it coming, but I have run out of sandwiches to review/cannot be bothered today [delete as appropriate]. So we are having a celebrity guest review! It’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist puppeteer Laura Bacon, who you may know better as Patsy May. No really, this isn’t one of my jokes. She has had the sandwich from Starbucks that I missed out on. Over to Laura…

Pulled ham, turkey, sweet gravy, smoky butternut crush, Cheddar and red cabbage in Sourdough bread.

Ah, they made the sandwich sound like an episode of Friends! What a selling point! Nah, it’s the word gravy that got me excited.

Having recently experienced the KFC Gravy Burger, I was keen to try this as I like a moist sandwich with plenty of sauce. AND it comes toasted! But alas. The gravy is pretty much non-existent! There is a very thin spread of something on the meat layer but not gravy like in the slightest. Having said that, the pulled ham is glorious, as is the turkey.

The melted cheese provides some lovely well needed goo, and the (slightly overpowering) red cabbage and butternut squash makes it taste like a proper Boxing Day leftover sandwich. Extra points for sourdough bread too. Very good if you fancy a heftier-than-usual warm toastie. Less good if you were expecting lashings of gravy.

There you go. You can check out Patsy May on the following links and when we are all allowed out again I personally recommend seeing Patsy May live, it’s very funny.

Would you like to write a few paragraphs about a sandwich for the days when I can’t be bothered? Let me know.

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