REVIEW: Christmas Lunch by Morrisons

Oh hey, is this the latest blog post yet? Probably, but I haven’t skipped any days this year! I already told you about my trip to Mitcham yesterday, and the mystery retailer who I bought and additional sandwich from was… Morrisons! Since then, I have done pretty much nothing, I have nothing to talk about. So how about a sandwich related anecdote?

Over the summer, in between lockdowns, I went up to Scotland to drive around the highlands, and I thoroughly recommend it. On one of the hour long stretches without any civilisation, at around lunchtime, we found a small street with a little hotel, a little coffee shop and a post office. The hotel was shut, so we queued outside the coffee shop which was letting one customer in at a time. I noticed on the menu outside that the shop only had 3 different baguettes for sale. Two people behind us also read this, and wondered out loud if the shop could do them a wrap with some salad instead, and I laughed at the yuppies who seemed to think they were in London. Good luck getting your oat milk! When it was our turn to go in, he had just sold the last baguette to the person in front of us, so my last resort was the post office. Did they have sandwiches? Only a few, and one jumped out at me – cheese and mango chutney. What a combination! Out here in the middle of nowhere, something so fancy and exotic. As someone who likes to try local delicacies, I dived right in, ate it in the car and it was pretty good. Hey, I never said it was a good sandwich related anecdote. I never did find out what the yuppies ended up doing. They might have asked for the manager or a Twitter account to complain to.

Anyway, onto the Morrisons sandwich, who are a newcomer to the blog! Welcome, welcome, show us your wares.

Cooked turkey with sage and onion mayonnaise, cranberry chutney, smoke flavoured bacon and pork, sage and onion stuffing on malted bread.

Well it’s a solid sandwich! There is a great sage and onion flavour. I can’t tell if it’s from the stuffing or the sage and onion mayonnaise but it goes very well with the cranberry chutney. All of this probably helped by the fact it’s gone 3pm and I’m very hungry but that’s how it goes. Clever work by Morrisons there. Welcome aboard.

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