REVIEW: Christmas New Yorker Inspired by Sainsbury’s

Christmas New Yorker Inspired. What a natural sounding name for a sandwich, it just rolls off the tongue!

So here we are, with Sainsbury’s second attempt to crack Christmas Sandwich of the Year. And as you know, I bought this yesterday with the Turkey with Pigs Under Bkankets. I was going to follow the Lidl Christmas sandwich model and eat both, with this as my cheese course, but yesterday our nice neighbours upstairs brought down some home made pancake rolls, so after eating two of them and the other sandwich I was stuffed. I was going to eat the Christmas New Yorker Inspired at some point over the afternoon, but I never fancied it. And today? Well today I’m going to meet some men I met online in a park and, unsure what time I’ll be back, have no idea what’s happening for lunch. As I know you are desperate for content, I’ve eaten it for breakfast and I’m writing this on my phone on the train (so shut up about typos). These are the sacrifices I make for you!

Thank you to everyone who voted for this sandwich hours after the other review went up, you are either very funny or not paying attention.

Coconut oil based vegan alternative to cheese, pickled red cabbage, spiced fruit chutney, spinach, vegan dressing, American style mustard, gherkins and Dijon style mustard on dark rye bread

Now then, I like a New Yorker sandwich. It usually has meat in it, but that’s okay, I did my vegan Christmas and know that no meat isn’t the end of the world. But this is a Christmas sandwich and for me, Geoff, it doesn’t really work. The gherkins and pickled cabbage make this very vinegary, and the double mustard is quite strong. The fake cheese tastes of nothing and the chutney is a little bit fruity but you cannot taste any festive spices there. So in essence, it’s a vinegar and mustard sandwich. And I’m eating this for breakfast! I admire the idea of trying something different but who thought this up? Go home Sainsbury’s, you’re drunk.

And I know what you’re thinking – men off the internet in a park?! I’ll tell you next week, if my half-naked body isn’t found under a Bush by a dog walker by then.

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