REVIEW: Turkey with Pigs Under Blankets by Sainsbury’s

It’s been a busy day at Christmas Sandwich Towers. Got up at 9.30, had a shower, did some last minute prep for an interview at 11, then treated myself with a trip to the Post Office (sandwiches, but no Christmas ones), Iceland (no sandwiches) and then Sainsbury’s. And what did they have in Sainsbury’s? Two different Christmas sandwiches that I couldn’t decide between, so I decided to buy both (double bubble!) and put it to a public vote. One will be eaten, one thrown in the bin.

Not really, of course I’ll eat them both. The vote went out across Twitter, Instagram and, for people who know me IRL (in real life), boring, boring old Facebook whilst I went for a run in the rain. I’m guessing you already know the result of the vote by simply reading the title of this blog post, but let’s go over the results anyway (at the time of writing and eating):

  • Instagram: 4 people voted and it was 50/50
  • Facebook: 2 people voted and it was 50/50
  • Twitter: 3 people voted for Turkey with Pig Under Blankets and 1 person voted for the other

So the winner is Turkey with Pigs Under Blankets. What was the other sandwich? You’ll find out tomorrow! Unless you already saw the voting. I feel like this whole social media strategy needs a lot of refinement.

British Cumberland sausages, British turkey breast, maple cured smoked bacon, cranberry chutney and mayonnaise on malted bread.

So Sainsbury’s, traditionally a poor performer every Christmas, get two rolls of the dice this year. I know I said I was bored of turkey sandwiches, but this one has sausages and bacon in it, how can it be bad?

By just tasing like a sausage and bacon sandwich, that’s how. It is by no means a bad sandwich, in fact it’s a good sandwich, but it is not very Christmassy. you can barely taste the cranberry which must be spread impossibly thin as you can see it. The whole side of one of the slices is purple, but you just can’t taste it. Sainsbury’s you old fools! Better luck tomorrow

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