Christmas Sandwiches Ranked and Rated!

Oh wait, you thought this was going to be all of this year’s Christmas sandwiches ranked and rated? You just got click-baited. And you won’t believe why!

I’m just generating hype for the first sandwich on the blog which will be reviewed THIS THURSDAY. It’s called viral marketing, look it up.

Anyway, just so you can’t accuse me of creating fake news, I have ranked some sandwiches. Here are 3 things we learned from 2015 2014 2013:

#1: Christmas Lunch by Greggs

#2: Christmas Lunch by Pret

#3: Turkey, bacon and cranberry by Waitrose

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2 replies to “Christmas Sandwiches Ranked and Rated!

  1. Disappointed with this clickbait marketing ploy. I was expecting to have to scroll past several unrelated adverts and have to go through several pages with tantalising statements at the end of each one, such as: “You won’t believe the next sandwich”.

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