Sandwich #6: Turkey Feast by Boots

£2.60 – Turkey breast and pork, sage & onion stuffing with mayonnaise, cranberry sauce, sweetcured bacon and spinach on malted bread.


Today I’ve been to Boots. I was disappointed to find there wasn’t a Christmas sandwich in the Jamie Oliver range, because I’d like that. Again I nearly went for a Christmas sandwich triple pack, but on comparing fillings the turkey sandwich in the triple pack didn’t have bacon. I’m out! Maybe if I run out of traditional turkey sandwiches to try before Christmas I’ll hit some Christmas variant sandwiches. But not today.

So today’s sandwich comes in at the cheapest, but isn’t giving anything to a homeless charity. Tut tut, Boots! They have gone for the traditional fillings with some spinach thrown in and it’s in another boring red box, but at least it has a round window and a decoration pattern I guess. Lunchtimes are getting very repetitive this month. The box also says Delicious in big letters, so let’s find out…

Ah, so this is why it’s only £2.60 – it’s a bit light on the turkey and the very thin layer of cranberry sauce is barely noticeable. If anything, this tastes more like a bacon and (not much) jam sandwich. Not a horrible combination in itself (trust me), but considering it is the same fillings as most of the sandwiches I’ve tried so far this really doesn’t cut it. Surely a turkey feast should be overwhelmingly turkeyish. I’ve also just realised I can’t taste or even see the stuffing, and opening the sandwich reveals a very small amount thinly spread across one slice like some sort of stuffing spread. Do they make stuffing spread? Because it that did that would be good, but put about 10 times more in please.

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