Sandwich #7: Roast Turkey by Uppercrust

£4.39 – British roast turkey breast, stuffing, bacon, cranberry sauce, apple sauce, white baguette.


I have exhausted all of the sandwich places close to the office so had to venture further afield in the cold today and went to Uppercrust at Victoria station. A bit of a trek but that’s how dedicated I am to the cause. I’ve never bought anything from Uppercrust before (they shouldn’t put them next to a Burger King when I’m drunk) and looking at their wares over the counter it looked like I might be missing out. The Meat Feast Pizza baguette and Hog Roast baguettes caught my eye, so depending on how this goes, I might be going back there. Plus I get a whopping 20% off with my Bite card – a bargain in anyone’s eyes.

So looking at this sandwich, it looks pretty good. There are proper fillings in there – real cranberries in the cranberry sauce, actual real stuffing and decent bacon. Going on looks alone, I might be onto a winner. Unbelievebly it almosts looks like the photo on their adverts. Almost. Stupidly, I had it heated up without thinking that it is so BLOODY FREEZING today that it would be cold by the time I got back to my desk. Schoolboy error.

I’m a bit disappointed that the sandwich went cold, because this is a good one. It is filled with nice fillings that could be left over from a Christmas dinner, as opposed to thinly sliced rubbish, and tastes just like one you’d make at home. The apple sauce and the stuffing play perfectly off each other, the turkey and bacon are actually something you’d put into a sandwich and the crunchy baguette is so much better than the soggy bread usually holding your office lunch. Going on what I’ve tried so far, I’d say go for this sandwich. It’s a bit pricier than the rest, but totally worth it. I reckon it would taste even better warm, so eat yours immediately at the till in front of the woman’s face.

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