Sandwich #5: Turkey Feast by Marks and Spencer

£3 – Marinated roast British turkey, pork and chestnut stuffing, spiced cranberry chutney with smoked British bacon with mayonnaise on malted brown bread.


I understand some of you have been waiting for this one, so HERE WE GO!

I was tempted to buy the Christmas sandwich triple pack but I don’t like salmon so traditional turkey it is. And M&S have added their usual flair to this sandwich. Just look at the all the unnecessary sexy words in the fillings above. Read it in that sexy advert voice. It’s pretty much the same as Gregg’s sandwich but SEXIER! And look at the cheeky (green?) Santa on the box – no generic red box here. This one might be the best before I’ve even tasted it. Plus they are giving to a homeless charity as well (but their 5p is still not as impressive as Eat’s 25P).So how does it taste? Maybe slightly dry (which is probably better than soggy), but all the flavours are there enhanced by the cranberry which you can taste that bit of spice in. And unlike any other sandwich I’ve had so far this December, the bacon actually adds some texture to it. I did find it strange there was nothing green in the sandwich, but actually it doesn’t need it. This is like a quick Christmas sandwich you’ve knocked up on Boxing day and just went for the basics and it gets better with every bite. Good.

Stay tuned for more sandwiches tomorrow and don’t go looking for other reviews of Christmas sandwiches bashed out in 5 mins because this is the original and the best right here, okay?


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