Sandwich #4: Christmas Full Works by Eat

£3.50 – Turkey, smoked ham, pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, reduced fat mayonnaise, mixed leaf salad, lack pepper, malted granary bread.


I have been accused of being quite negative about the chains I have bought sandwiches from so far, and that this blog might be a stand against franchises and globalisation. But let’s focus on the positives here – this blog is about sandwiches and I love sandwiches! And today I went to another chain – Eat. Eat have always gone for the simple approach to their sandwiches, slightly more traditional fillings sometimes with a twist. But they have also branched into more than just sandwiches, including the incredible looking Christmas Turkey Lunch Hot Pot which I will have to try soon. But sandwiches come first!

Today’s sandwich is served in an eerily similar box to Pret’s Christmas Lunch but Eat have outdone Pret by giving 25p instead of 5p to charity from my sandwich. POW, take that Pret. The Christmas Full Works does have turkey, stuffing cranberry sauce and even Bonus Ham, but let’s be careful when throwing the term ‘full works’ around. The sandwich I’m going to make from leftovers at Christmas will be the full works, as it will have everything in it – sprouts, parsnips, anything I can find. And anyway, this sandwich doesn’t even have bacon in it, so they have got way ahead of themselves with the name. Lookswise, it looks like my mum made it and put it in my packed lunch. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING.

So how does it taste? It seems slightly flat at first, but the combo of turkey and ham is always a winner in my book and the sweet cranberry goes well with that. And then the stuffing hits you, which is a great surprise. But if I have one complaint about this sandwich, it’s that it tastes like it was made by my mum as well. The ham is the thin stuff straight out of the packet, and the turkey is dry and seems pretty processed as well. It started with promised but ends up a pretty average sandwich you could make for yourself after nipping to the supermarket.


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