Sandwich #3: ‘Festive’ Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt Sub by Subway

£5.39 (meal deal) – Chicken strips, bacon, Monterey cheese, ranch sauce, lettuce, onion, honey & oat bread.


I was wondering where to buy a Christmas sandwich today because I have already exhausted the two options closest to the office and would need to venture out into the cold for more than one minute. Who should I grace with my boring sandwich dweeb hat on next? Then an email popped up with the subject Gimpson, get double points on our Festive Meal Deal! Subway! A Christmas sandwich with a drink and a new Raspberry Cheesecake cookie? Decision made. Another place where the queue is usually mental, today I waltzed straight in and ordered 6 inches and went through the usual Subway interrogation.

So Subway have gone ALL OUT on the Christmas theme by making a ‘festive’ chicken and bacon sandwich with melted cheese. I mean seriously, why bother at all? Surely this is on the menu all year round? Oh wait, it has ranch sauce in the name. And Jesus was born in a stable. Yeah maybe that’s the link. And it comes with a Raspberry Cheesecake cookie, that traditional Christmas treat. Except today when they don’t have those and you have to have a normal cookie. Faced with the equally non-festive salad, I opted for a simple lettuce and onion before the sub was mummified and bagged.

You could try to imagine the chicken in this sandwich is turkey, but that’s about as Christmassy as you could fool yourself. The strong onion, slightly clinical ranch dressing and plain cheese rather than Monterey made this pretty disappointing for Subway as it is, let alone a Christmas sub. The chicken and bacon were lost in amongst the simplest ingredients, so maybe I should have just had all the rubbish thrown in as usual. Or not bothered buying something which was always going to be rubbish from the start. But still, DOUBLE SUBWAY POINTS!

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