REVIEW: Parsnip Fritter & Butternut Squash by Boots

50p(!) – Parsnip and carrot fritter, butternut squash, cranberry sauce, vegan mayonnaise, houmous, chickpeas and chestnuts with spinach on malted bread

Let’s talk about Halloween. At Halloween I went to see a band – The Fuzillis, they are good, check them out. At the gig, spiced run brand Kraken were doing a promotion – free shots and free T-shirts. I was very drunk and happily took one. The shirt says I SOLD MY SOUL TO THE BEAST across the front and is emblazoned with Kraken logos, so went I got it home it went into the ‘wear around the house’ collection, which I have done ever since.

Let’s talk about today. Today I got up at 5.45 to go to the gym. I looked at this t-shirt and wondered if I should wear it to work. And then thought fuck it why not. I’m a sweaty mess at the best of times and with my core temperature raised for the day after getting swole, I may as well wear a crap shirt.

Let’s fast forward to when I’m in the office. I got an email inviting me to meet one of our clients for the first time. Sheepishly, I messaged my boss about my shit awful t-shirt decision and how, combined with my jeans and trainers, I’m looking pretty casual, like a fat 37-year-old student. And thus I partly suggested/was partly told to go home and get changed.

And so you have an early sandwich review today because my schedule is right up the sp(r)out (joke stolen from Facebook comments). I decided to get one on my way back, which I ate at 10.30 and am now reviewing on my phone on the tube back to the office (grammar bores – be gone!).

I popped into Greg’s but they had no veggie Christmas options (do better, Greggs) but Boots did. And it was 50p! And one of my five a day! And gets me £5 off fragrance! And there are 2,000 prizes to be won! Boots have somehow managed to recreate intrusive pop-ups on the front of a sandwich packet. It’s like trying to read a long article on a newspaper’s website. And like last year I won nothing 😦

On reflection, I shouldn’t have put the sandwich on that place mat for the photo

This is a very good sandwich – I’m big fan of parsnips, and their sweetness goes very well with cranberry sauce. Like all fritters, it suffers from the same dryness problem as your mum, but the fritter feels like crumbly stuffing so it works. Am I happy with chickpeas and houmous in a Christmas sandwich? No, but I like it. This is the best one so far, go get it.

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