REVIEW: Turkey, Bacon, Stuffing and Cranberry by Boots

£2.75 – Turkey breast, pork, sage and onion stuffing and sweetcured bacon with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce on malted bread

Welcome to a brand new week of sandwiches. As regular readers will know, I live exactly in between two high streets. Each of those two high streets has a Boots. So why have Boots ever appeared on the list before? Because they don’t do sandwiches. So how have I acquired this sandwich? As you can probably tell from the photo, I’m not at home today so I went to a different Boots. And before any of you oh-so-clever readers point out the date on the sandwich, yes I bought it yesterday whilst travelling to my secret location because it was snowing quite heavily and I had no idea what conditions would be like today because I don’t look at the weather forecast because it’s boring. Weather is boring. Your photos of weather are boring. But sandwiches reviews? Well, they ain’t boring.

So yes it’s Boots’ first appearance on the blog and boy did they go all out in the meeting where they decided what to call their Christmas sandwich. The box is also deceiving –  the sandwich looks pretty hefty in the photo, but the front of the box has a superfluous flap sticking out of the side. Some sort of forced perspective going on.  And in a first for the blog, there is a possibility of a scratch card inside worth £1000 in Boots vouchers. Imagine that! I genuinely think that would last me at least a decade, chipping a bit off every time I’m at a train station and have forgotten to pack a deodorant, which I genuinely do most times I pack a bag. Unless I’m getting a flight with only hand luggage, then I remember and security make me throw it away and once I’m through security I’m allowed to buy the exact same deodorant in the exact same size and then get the hump. Ask the missus.

Anyway, I didn’t win. There wasn’t even a scratch card. But there was a sandwich! And it’s not a bad sandwich. The meats and stuffing are all good, and there’s just a hint of cranberry, which could be stronger but then I’d probably moan about it over powering the other stuff. So once again we have another solid entry that is good, but nothing special. I’m going to have to find a Pret or an EAT for the fancy stuff, aren’t I?

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