REVIEW: Butter Basted Turkey & Cranberry by EAT

£3.50 – Malted bread, filled with cranberry sauce, butter basted sliced turkey breast, fresh rocket and creamy mayonnaise.

I’ve been into a couple of EAT stores this December and have been unable to find last year’s king of kings – the mighty Festive Full Works Bloomer. They are definitely doing it again because it’s on the website. I’ve also been into a few Pret’s that have run out of Christmas sandwiches altogether. You’d think that by now they’d be sending me review copies for my internationally renowned blog. But no, my efforts go unnoticed.  So until I find a better one, we’re going with Butter Basted Turkey & Cranberry instead. I’m not even sure if this is part of their Christmas range, as there’s no stuffing or anything like that. Or Christmas branding. I haven’t been to EAT since last Christmas, so if they make this sandwich all year round please let me know.

As I prepared all of this week’s posts earlier in the week, I’m going to jump straight into it because I’m eating a lot of sandwiches in one go here, and I ate that god awful Uppercrust baguette the night before and it is still haunting my dreams. And bowels. And I also had that WH Smiths Christmas paste one just now. I think I might be done for the year.

The turkey in this is very tender and moist, and the cranberry has a great sweetness to it, but they have made one fatal mistake – rocket. Unlike a lot of people I like rocket, but boy oh boy is it the main taste in this sandwich. It’s like the lid fell off the pepper shaker and ruined Christmas, like your mother-in-law’s passive aggressive comments normally do. It’s not awful, but it’s not the Festive Full Works Bloomer. This is a disaster. Christmas is ruined. I wish I’d never married you.

P.S. I did buy one of these to review last Friday. I stuffed it in my bag, forgot about it, got drunk, and then this happened. I felt it would be unfair to review the poor thing.

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