REVIEW: Festive Full Works Bloomer by EAT

img_8455Turkey Breast, Pork Stuffing, Smoked Ham, Cranberry Mix, Spinach, Reduced Fat Mayonnaise, Multi-seed Bloomer Bread.

Welcome back to the second ‘chains that are near every office in London but not my house’ edition of Christmas sandwich reviews. Now I must confess, EAT gave me a bit of a dilemma today. They had a sandwich called Turkey and Cranberry which looked more like a traditional shop bought sandwich, all triangular and in a box, the standard sort of sandwich for this blog. I stood there for almost 1 minute in a state of indecision trying to figure out which one should make the blog. After reading the ingredients of both sandwiches at least 3 times, I realised what the Turkey and Cranberry sandwich was missing – stuffing! The fools. So here we are. Do you see what I go through for this blog? Forced to make the hard decisions. Forced to stand and think in a sandwich shop in London where people will tut at me. But this is why you keep coming back, you know I’m here for you. Daddy’s got you.

Look at the sandwich (zero marks for presentation BTW*). What is the difference between bloomer bread and normal bread? Is it a triangle vs rectangle thing? Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist puppet Patsy May (Christmas sandwich bloggers mix in high circles) told me via Whatsapp that shops are doing more rectangular sandwiches nowadays to make it feel like a homemade sandwich. Well what if I cut my sandwiches into triangles at home? You didn’t think of that did you? You stupid idiots.

So you may have noticed the man wearing a Christmas cracker hat on my blog. That is not me, but my good friend and sexy train driver Steve. He insists that this is the best sandwich out there in the year of our Lord 2016, so let’s see just how right the maths obsessed ginger prince is…

I have to say – this is very good. It’s very much like a sandwich I would make home (the puppet was right!), with an extra slice of ham in there to make it more meaty. It’s got all the right flavours, like Pret the spinach compliments rather than overpowers, even the seeded crusts are good. I am even willing to overlook the reduced-fat mayonnaise, which I usually consider blasphemous. In fact that smoked ham is really makes this one – it’s going to be hard to beat.

*BTW = by the way

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