REVIEW: Christmas Cracker by Ginsters

£4.49 – British turkey breast, mayonnaise, pork and sage sausage, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry and red onion chutney and sweetcure flavoured bacon on oatmeal bread

Look at that – not only is it not called Turkey Feast, it’s a name that has never appeared on the blog before. Ginsters you little beauty! I bought this sandwich in Whstlestop. You know, that kind of supermarket shop in train stations. And I’m excited, because one of my favourite pre-packaged petrol station sandwiches is a Ginsters cheese ploughman. It’s the little things that get me through life. But is this sandwich going to live up to my expectations? Well let’s dive straight in and get down to business. You don’t want to hear about my trip to the post office anyway. Is this sandwich truly a Christmas cracker?

Look, oatmeal bread instead of malted! Ginsters going all out to be different. And they give 10p to charity for every sandwich bought, like Pret and M&S. Ginsters are hitting all the right notes. But what about the taste? This is another sandwich where the sage and onion stuffing comes through strongly (probably powered by the extra sage inthe sausage). There is a delicate hint of cranberry, but I think there’s a bit too much mayonnaise. Now don’t get me wrong, I love mayonnaise enough that I can eat it direct from the jar with a spoon, but it could just do with a little bit less. Nevertheless, it’s another solid sandwich to add to this year’s list and if you’re in a station and your options are Smiths, Uppercrust or Whistlestop, this is the one to go for. But where are the outstanding sandwiches? After a year like 2017, we need our heroes.

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